Product RMPP141

Introducing RMPP141 Polypropylene Compound for Rotational Moulding

This Polypropylene Compound surpasses Polyethylene for stiffness, hardness, chemical resistance, creep deformation and heat resistance with comparable impact performance.
It moulds well with good sintering giving excellent surface finish both interior and exterior. RMPP141 is the result of listening to what the market needed for a high performance product in demanding applications

Black, Grey or Natural Powder Available in 20kg and Bulker bags
Ambient Grinding

Traditionally, PP products used in rotational moulding had to be ground using liquid nitrogen. A breakthrough in technology now allows RMPP141 to be ground at ambient temperatures.

Minor modifications to existing pulverising machinery gives the moulder the ability to process rework in-house.

Particle Size Distribution (PSD)

Ambient grinding RMPP141 produces a powder with a coarser particle size distribution than ground LMDPE.


However, PP behaves differently during the melting and sintering process and extensive testing has shown parts can be moulded with no voids, minimal pinholes and no loss of impact properties, provided the correct moulding conditions are followed.

Material Safety & Technical Data Sheets